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Welcome to Not A Model Home, a blog about two amateur renovators journey of discovery into the world of renovations. I'm Caitlin and I started Not A Model Home to help fellow renovators by sharing tricks and useful advice when it comes to popping your renovation cherry. This is my journey of building and styling our dream home with some awesome insights into home decor, tips, interviews and expert advice. 


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Our Renovation


If you're about to start a renovation journey of your own and feeling a little out of your depth, come on through and experience our journey through humorous anecdotes and the hard truth, I promise you will still want to renovate but you may have a little bit more knowledge that will save you from some grey hairs. 

Tips & How To's

From how to lay your own turf to surviving a renovation with your partner, I've got you covered! It is all about do it yourself, especially if you're on a tight budget. We all have a tendency to underestimate our capabilities, but if I have learnt anything it is that we really can do anything with a little preparation and patience. 

Style & Decorate

It's not just me who wants to live in a beautiful, creative, stylish home. And I'm positive it's not just me who needs a little guidance and inspiration along the way - explore this section and feel inspired with interviews from experts, weekly style updates and gorgeous trends in home decor. 



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