Join the #notamodelhome community as we speak honestly and openly about the pits and peaks of renovating life.

#notamodelhome came about in mid-2015 (so not long ago) when my partner and I started to realise that we were never going to find what we were looking for in a 'model home'. In October 2015 (so now) we decided to buy our first project home to renovate. Exciting times? yes indeed! Do I have the slightest clue how to renovate a house? No! I have no idea what I’m doing, and even worse, I struggled to find any one place to explain the journey on which we were about to embark.

#notamodelhome is a one-stop shop for anything and everything to do with renovations and home décor.

From interiors to landscaping, décor, shopping, tradies, lifestyle and architects, we promise to keep you entertained for those times you need a break and a bit of a laugh.

This is the story of our journey renovating our little big house in Canberra, sharing the anecdotes of the good, bad and ugly to help every other amateur renovator out there shine!



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Full time event coordinator, girlfriend to Callum and 'Mum' to two naughty fur-babies, Chloe and Cedric.

I am an event coordinator for a University, but my passion is in communications, particularly writing for pleasure. For me, there is nothing better than tucking myself away someplace quiet and writing something fabulous or working on a little DIY project. If I'm nowhere to be found, you'll probably find me on Pinterest discovering new ideas!

At work, I’m constantly presented with stories of amazing people living their dreams and positively influencing people’s lives through their blogs. They inspire me every day to do the same, to share my experiences with the world.

As I’ve hopefully made clear, I’m not an expert renovator. What I am trying to achieve with #notamodelhome is to share my journey and hopefully help out fellow renovators so we don’t all make the same mistakes. I’m excited to see where this space goes, hopefully I can create an environment of sharing, learning and encouraging each other on our individual journeys.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions or comments, if you’d like to collaborate or are interested in having your product reviewed.

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