Bin It, Donate It, Burn It, Just Don’t Move It!!

Moving is such a hassle. I kept looking at the house and telling Callum not to worry because we would be able to wrap it up in a weekend. Did I misjudge the efforts required?? Okay, I may have misjudged!!

My father was in the army, so we moved every 18 months to two years when I was a kid. I guess when you’re just a child, what goes on in your head and what actually takes place in reality are realms apart. We used to pack up in a day and be moving into the next house the minute after…I guess this was all just my imagination.

What I have realised is it takes a lot of work to move out of a property, especially when you’re not moving into your new house straight away. You have to coordinate your packing into long term storage, medium term storage and items to take with you for immediate use. As it was the case with our place, this leaves a lot of stuff in the 'not so sure pile' that kind of gets left until the end when you have no choice but to box it up!

I have been made to feel incredibly bad as I had to go away for work the week we had to move out of our house, and whilst I put in a stella effort over the weekend, it apparently was not anywhere near enough that was required to be on top of the move.

Callum has been at the house every night this week with various helpers including his Mum, Dad, Brother and my sister assisting with getting the last load of sh*t into storage. Apparently I’m in the bad books with the parentals for bailing (for work) and not welcome at the house for a little while (I think this part is a joke), and as this is my accommodation for the next few weeks this is going to cause some issues.

 Our lovely muscle we enlisted to help with 'a few' big items. Sorry boys, we owe you a massage or two. 

Our lovely muscle we enlisted to help with 'a few' big items. Sorry boys, we owe you a massage or two. 

I’ve listed a few short points for you if you ever have to move house to hopefully save some relationships I’ve apparently trashed in a week away for work!!

1.       Weeks before you need to move, get rid of your clutter!!!
You know what I’m talking about, all of the obligatory clutter you cart from house to house that has no place in your life or fulfils any need. Bin it, donate it, burn it, just don’t pack it!

2.       Move Out
If you can, move out before you actually need to. As you’re leaving, take the things you think you’ll need in the immediate future. Whatever is left, pack it up and clearly label the boxes with the content inside to make it easier on the other end.

3.       Hire a truck
If you’re not hiring professional movers, hire a truck. Your relationship may withstand a few truck loads full of shoes and bathroom contents, it may not handle two dozen trailer loads. We hired our from Kennards who were brilliant and affordable and may of just saved our relationship. Just make sure the one you hire you can legally drive with your class of license. 

4.       Give yourself time

Give yourself at least a week to organise end of lease cleans, a gardener, painters and handy men to ‘make good’ on the property and finalise any of those last minute details. You do not want to be running around finishing the property off at the pre-settlement inspection.

After this experience, I doubt we will ever move again, and if we do we will be calling the experts. There is no dollar figure you can put on having someone move for you. 

If you have any feedback or would like to make a comment, don't be shy, join the conversation!! I would love to hear your own stories on this topic!