How to Create the Ultimate Home Cinema

I don’t believe I’m the only person who enjoys a good movie, right? For me nothing beats being able to cosy up at home on the weekend and catch a movie or two. Callum and I both share a passion for movie watching and popcorn (this has been a recent addiction for me). For this reason, we have decided to put a home theatre in the new place. This provides the opportunity to save some money (eventually it will pay itself off), add value to the property and entertain boring guests (hehe).

I have listed below some key consideration factors to creating the ultimate home cinema experience for you to test out in your own abode. You don’t have to spend a million dollars either to achieve a high end result, check out my tips below.  

Measure Up

First things first, you need to make sure the size and shape of your theatre are appropriate for your screen and lounges. You also need to make sure that your lounges are at the correct viewing distance from the screen. This is really important for optimal viewing experience. 

Sound Proofing

If you are building the movie room and will have access to the cavity wall space, spend a little extra to sound proof your room. It will make using the movie room a whole heap easier as you can contain the noise to your theatre without it spreading through the entire house. We have used Insulpro in the past and will use them for the new build, they are absolutely amazing - friendly, efficient and very well priced. This will save a whole lot of arguments about turning down the surround sound!! 

Create the Mood

When designing a room, don’t think about your colours, focus on the mood you are trying to create. Think about what symbolises a movie theatre for you…for me it includes dark and moody colours and textures, red velvet curtains, gold features on the walls, twinkle lights on the ceiling, old movie posters, a candy bar and a retro popcorn machine (just to name a few). 

Once you’ve set the mood of the room and know what elements you would like to include, you can start to design the space and think about your budget. 

 Art Decor Movie Theatre from Media Room Sinc

Art Decor Movie Theatre from Media Room Sinc

Design Elements

If the movie theatre is going to be a feature of the house, I would take some of the elements listed in your mood board and figure out how to work them into your room in an affordable way. 

Red Velvet: I’ll be honest, I was never going to put red velvet curtains in the theatre, however I want to incorporate red velvet in somehow, so I have decided I will make some red velvet cushions for the couches and I will eventually make some floor cushions in red and gold velvet material. This contrasts beautifully against the leather movie lounges from King Living (our one splurge). 

Gold Features: I will incorporate the regal gold into the room by framing some old movie posters in gold that I bought Callum for his birthday. I got these online from eBay and they were super affordable. The framing is a little more expensive but I’m just doing those one at a time when I have spare cash. 

 Image Sourced from Ecstacy Model

Image Sourced from Ecstacy Model

Twinkle Lights: As Callum is an electrician, this isn’t costing too much, but they are actually more affordable than you think! These are just a fibre optic light you can get from eBay for about $100, you will need about 10 metres at 96w. So long as you have access to the ceiling space, you could install these yourself using a skewer and poking the lights through. You will just need an electrician to wire a switch socket in the ceiling space when they are roughing in so you can plug the lights into power.

Candy Bar (and bar bar): I have made this super simple by including a full length basic bar and cupboard on the side of the room. This will display all the DVD’s and hide the sound system. I will create a feature out of a section of the cabinetry by adding a few shelves for alcohol, a retro popcorn machine that you can get for about $120 online and some novelty lolly jars (you can pick these up at a two dollar shop). You could add some subtle LED Strip Lighting to jazz it up, again easily installed by an electrician. 

 Image Sourced from Buzz Feed

Image Sourced from Buzz Feed

Get Technical 

I’m going to sound like a broken record, but if you don’t know home theatre systems (like most of the world) seek professional advice. We have a friend who is a home theatre system geek and he swears by the SVS SubWoofer and Speaker for the fact that it is the best quality product for an affordable price. If all else fails though, you can get a Bose Home Theatre System for around $5K.

Same goes for the projector and screen. You can get around having to purchase a screen as you can just use projector screen paint on the wall and it will do the job beautifully. If you’re tight on budget, have a look on Grays Online or ex-government type sales, they will often sell them for an extremely reduced price if they have even the slightest damage. 

 The Ultimate Home Theatre Experience. Image thanks to Stream Sidekick.

The Ultimate Home Theatre Experience. Image thanks to Stream Sidekick.

Sit back, relax and enjoy what you’ve created! 

Once you’ve built this beautiful movie room, don’t forget to use it. Make time out of your busy schedule to watch a movie with your partner or kids, or invite the girls around for a movie night. It is so easy to get swept up in our busy lives and forget to make time for yourself to enjoy your creations. 

I'll be sure to share some photos of the room when it is complete! Stay Tuned.