To Drain or Not to Drain...

When you’re new to the renovation game, it is tempting to fall into the trap of listening to people and taking their advice as gospel. It was for this reason we spent days trying to transform the swamp into a crystal clear, hygienic swimming pool.

 Attempt number 1 to clear the pool. 

Attempt number 1 to clear the pool. 

A whole weekend was consumed with scooping leaves, plants and dead animals (no joke) out of the pool and pumping it full of algaecide to try to savour the 50,000 litres of water currently in the pool.

We watched for days as the pool went from black to a very dark green to a slightly less dark green. I scooped for hours, before deciding to test the scoop at the bottom of the pool where I was met with a very large, stinky net full of black gunk that I reckon has been sitting on the bottom of the pool for about five years. After about 60 full scoops of the bottom of the pool, I told Callum to go and get a pump, we were draining it!

“but we’ve come so far”, “I won’t let this beat me” – don’t care! We will still know what came out of this pool – are we ever going to actually want to swim in it?

Of course, I expected him to walk away, have a think, come back with another basket full of chemicals and try a different approach, but that night after getting home late from work, the pool was nearly empty. That was his new mission! He hired a water suction pump from Kennards and sat there diligently watching the water level drop.

Soon enough it was time for the high pressure hose (our beloved Karcher) to take to the algae stuck on the sides. I was lucky enough to be able to help with this step after my twelve hour day at work!

Uh oh…the pool paint is coming off from the Karcher, but if we don’t hose the pool, the algae won’t come off…dilemma number 3001 with this pool…that’s okay, we will repaint it!

So off he goes on his next mission, find a new pool paint to cover up all the stains and peeling from the high pressure hose. It took him a little under an hour, and he found an appropriate paint, it’s $1600 for the whole pool. Are they kidding? Apparently it will be done before next weekend because he has just invited all our friends around for a pool party just before Christmas.

Some may say we gave up, and with a little patience we could have turned it around. I am highly doubtful this ever would have been the case, and by the time you spend hundreds of dollars on chemicals, you may as well have drained it and spent a couple of hundred on refilling it with clean water. 

I can see a trend forming with this pool and it’s not a welcome one, so to my final thought, does anyone know how to fill in a pool?