Palace a la Duigan

Have you ever had one of those moments where you look back and think 'Oh My God, what have we done?'. I'll be honest, I had one of these moments when we picked up the keys to our new house on the weekend. 

As I walked around the house and garden, it dawned on me just how much work it was going to require to get it looking schmick. The gardens are a mess, you've seen the pool already, the outside of the house is literally falling down around us and the interior is falling apart too. 

I thought it was probably time to share with you our Palace a la Duigan so you can share in my excitement/apprehension and keep us in your thoughts as we tackle this mammoth task! 

Inside the Palace

Our beautiful, retro kitchen, rocking a laminate floor from the 70's and the very stylish faux timber cabinetry. This will be our kitchen for a little while until the new one goes in downstairs and we take this one out. This is sitting where the dining room and built in buffet will be soon enough! Most of the kitchen equipment has had to stay in boxes, but we have the air fryer, so we are good to go! 

This is looking back into the lounge room from the kitchen. The space will remain the same, with some face lift edits happening in early 2016. The windows will be bricked up as the garage will go in on the other side of that wall, and we will add sky lights to ensure the room still gets plenty of natural light.  We plan to install a gas fireplace with a feature rendered chimney and some built in cabinetry. The floor boards will be replaced with some beautiful Oak floor boards and I plan to buy a really beautiful feature rug to give the lounge room a border. 

Downstairs Kitchen.jpg

Excuse the mess...this is currently our storage unit but will eventually become the kitchen and walk in pantry. Imagine the dividing wall gone and the wall out to the pool is bi-fold doors that will open out onto the alfresco. 

This beautiful purple room was the master bedroom, with very little natural light as is, this will be pulled down and converted into an open plan, built in study area with access under the stairs. 

This is our temporary bedroom as it offers the best natural light in the whole house. It won't stay a bedroom for long as this is where the home theatre is going to be built which will incorporate this bedroom and bedroom three. 

Pictured above is the very glamorous laundry, sporting a green and white patchwork wall and a hole in the floor. This general location will stay the laundry as it provides direct access to the outside, however it will change slightly in shape and obviously design. 

A very small, main bathroom that will keep us showered in the interim until the guest bedroom and ensuite is built. Very basic, with a lot of mold on the roof as there is no ventilation, so my fingers are crossed that we experience no delays in getting the back bathroom ready! This will eventually be knocked down and be converted into a set of stairs that will lead to the second story. 

Probably the most narrow toilet I've ever been in, made worse by the bulky toilet holder hanging which restricts your movement even further! As this is the main toilet for now, it'll probably get ripped off the wall pretty soon. Once the downstairs bathroom is finished, this will be ripped out and will join the bathroom as part of the staircase. 

The back bathroom isn't too bad, with some bits and pieces in reasonable condition to sell on Gumtree. We were lucky to be able to incorporate this space into the new design so we don't have to move any plumbing. This room will become slightly smaller, but remain the main bathroom for downstairs. 

I am told this room was the garage, converted to master bedroom (which was never used). The problem with it is there is no insulation in any of the walls, so it is really hot in summer and cold in winter. The plan is to renovate this room in early 2016 and turn it into a guest bedroom with walk through robe and ensuite. Once this is done, we can move down here and knock down the remaining walls in the house. 

This is a picture looking back from the guest bedroom to give you an idea of house. As you can see we have three types of flooring happening from timber to cork to laminate as well as a variation of colours on the walls. There will still be a hallway here but it will look vastly different and slightly more symmetrical. 

Outside the Palace

The pool and deck area...a little shonky but will do us for the blistering Summer. Eventually the pool will get a fresh coat of paint, new border tiles and a cool water feature. The deck is coming up and we will pave this entire area. We are also planning on building an alfresco area with an outdoor kitchen. 

My favourite corner of the garden because it is home to that big beautiful lemon tree and a huge rosemary bush. Some of the plants will get removed (namely the one in front) and this will be a little vege, fruit and herb corner. There will be a glass splashback from the kitchen where those windows are currently, so it couldn't be more perfect!  

Slightly to the left of the fruit patch is this area. It is currently paved, and in pretty good knick, not too sure what we will do here, probably just tidy it up and leave as is. 

This space is at the very back of the property and is pretty plain and simple in its current state. The plan is to put some hedging along the fence line to block the neighbours out, possibly some raised vege patches and a kennel for my babies, Chloe and Cedric. 

This beautiful garden bed is what currently borders the pool (and assisted greatly in creating the swamp that was the swimming pool). It is all going to get cleared by a bobcat as it is mainly weeds. We plan to use this space to put an underground watertank and create a cabana for the spa and possibly a fire pit as well. 


Ah the car port...decision still pending on what to do with this...current thought pattern is to enclose both ends with roller doors and convert into the home gym, but we will see. 

Now the front of the house, looking from the carport. The garden beds to the left will get cleared and we will most likely put a driveway in there leading in to the garage. The garden beds to the right we will attempt to revive.

Yup...if you see it, it's going. 

There are a couple of trees and shrubs that are absolutely thriving from the neglect, so we plan to keep them in the landscape plan and figure out what to do with them later.