Carpet Court

I have visited the store in Fyshwick several times now. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and will let you take samples home for free. They are somewhat pricey however the products they sell are high in quality. Make sure you double check the floor price with them because it may be for a lineal metre, not a square metre. This is more so the case for carpet. They also build their installation fees into the price, so if you feel you can do your own floorboards, make sure you tell them and you could save up to 40% on the price. 

Beaumont Tiles 

I was impressed with the range and the service at Beaumont's. Although the price is on the top end of the scale, the quality of the products is brilliant. Beaumont's have sales all the time, so if you can hang out for those you'll save yourself some cash. They don't mind if you take samples home, but you do need to leave a deposit of $5 per tile. 

Harvey Norman

We went and checked out the range at Harvey Norman recently, and I left feeling confused about whether it was reasonable or if they were having a go. It appeared to be a lot more expensive than Carpet Court and I can't verify the quality. The salesman was trying to sell me some carpet that felt like a hay bale telling us it was the best carpet they had in the store...again, confusing! One tip I did learn was some of the new ranges of carpet that have extra long threads are IMPOSSIBLE to vacuum as it gets caught in all the fibres.