Kitchen Suppliers

The Good Guys

So far we have had an awesome experience with The Good Guys. We went in the other day for a look around and ended up chatting to their in house designer for about an hour. Basically, they are your one-stop shop for designing, building and installing your kitchen. They have an awesome range of materials and colours, you're bound to find something you love. We are yet to receive a price for it yet, so I'll update when we do. 


Although I am yet to use this company, I have heard amazing things from our friends that are builders. Basically they have a free software package that you can use to design your own kitchen. Once you have finalised your design, you send this to them and they will build the cabinetry for you. The only catch is you need to put it together yourself, so if you know a kitchen joiner that would be very handy. Reportedly this will save you about 30% on your kitchen reno.